I'm Tired

(Replaces every instance of “Pluto should be a planet!” with “Haumea should be a planet!”) 

Typing up your notes from a lecture isn’t supposed to be anxiety inducing, is it.

This is exhausting.

"something that isn’t a girl"


to all those teenage girls who have so many fancy gender labels that make absolutely no sence and have only one common rule: they are “something that isn’t a girl” (it’s a quote from a real person)

instead of invading safe spaces and using resources created for transgender people, ask yourselves (and answer honestly): why do you prefer to be whatever BUT a girl?

internalised misogyny and sexist beliefs about your own gender don’t make you trans, and identifying with transgender community won’t bring you happiness. you have a problem, but this problem won’t be solved by cute pronouns, +30 gender identities, and/or planning to transition and mutilating body you feel comfortable with. it doesn’t work this way. transgender people have other reasons to do it. it’s not a game. hormones are not candies. 

try to understand why don’t you want to be female so much that you prefer to be genderless creature. there is seriously very little things that dehumanize a person more than not having a gender at all.

seriously. do it before you make decisions that will hurt you forever.

in which I pitch an upsetting theory about a possibly-upcoming AT ep:


[05:17:56] Hollymonster: you know how the synopsis for evergreen said that the crown was created to grant its wearer’s deepest wish
[05:18:05] Hollymonster: ….maybe simon didn’t _want_ to remember
[05:19:13] Sweater Queen: …
[05:19:16] Sweater Queen: o h
[05:19:43] Hollymonster: also: the crown remembers he wants to be with his princess, but took it literally and pushes him to find an _actual_ princess
[05:20:06] Lizzie draws: OH.
[05:20:21] Hollymonster: but yeah, from simon’s POV, he’d lost betty and now he was upsetting and thus failing to take care of a little girl

tl;dr i’m an awful person for thinking of this.

Wasn’t his deepest wish to find Betty and apologise? That was after he put on the crown, but wanting to forget would have to be as well.

I’m beginning to think he’s right.

I’m beginning to think he’s right.

Progress on request fics: Simon and Betty drink coffee and are dorks.

People hate NEPTR…?

People hate NEPTR…?




has Alex Hirsch done nothing but make crossover Vines the past several days



When you reblog stuff from me I sincerely love every single comment added even if you think it’s nothing special please add your thoughts don’t listen to assholes who claim that’s a bad thing and don’t hide them in tags I love reading what even total strangers think of the littlest things

isn’t that why anyone is even on this site

This goes for me too. Why is yelling at people who comment on your posts even a thing around here?